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Cessna Law Office - Our Philosophy

Learn How We Distinguish Our Practice from the Others:

Lawyers are no different than any other business that offers a service or product. So it is not uncommon for some lawyers to try and distinguish themselves from their competition and fill a unique niche or offer a service that is unlike all of the others.

When Chris Cessna was employed as a DUI officer making numerous DUI arrests which required standardized field sobriety testing, blood testing and breath testing, he began to see how these tests could be jeopardized by poor police work or cutting corners. 

After law school, while working as a deputy district attorney he met with numerous defense attorneys each day during the negotiations phase of a DUI case and soon came to realize that the vast majority of them were not well versed in how to challenge the scientific evidence (field sobriety tests, blood tests and breath tests) which the government was prepared to use against their clients. 

As a prosecutor, Chris knew that the defense attorneys who didn't know how to impeach the government's scientific evidence didn't have any leverage in negotiations, nor did they stand much of a chance at trial, and that usually proved to be true.

When Mr. Cessna opened his own defense practice in 2002 he knew that he would distinguish himself from the majority of other attorneys handling DUI cases by further focusing his practice on continually learning the best and most effective ways to beat the government's vast array of scientific evidence.

As a result, for years Mr. Cessna has sought out and traveled to numerous hard to find, out-of-state, multi-day seminars focused on how to beat the government's scientific evidence. Because such regular travel, cost of training, lodging, and time away from the office is a significant sacrifice in both time and money, very few attorneys like to make this investment in their skills and practice. In fact. Mr. Cessna spends about $15,000.00 - $20,000.00 in out-of-state training per year. But Mr. Cessna feels such sacrifices are necessary in order to properly defend his clients. And this constant training and learning has directly benefitted his clients.

We know that our fees are higher than most attorneys who handle DUIs, but we feel that our former, current and future clients who feel the need to win understand the importance of Mr. Cessna making such investments.  These clients also know they they would rather pay for a dedicated attorney who constantly improves his understanding of scientific evidence as opposed to paying less for an attorney who has never taken the time or trouble to learn how to beat the government's evidence, and as a result must often plead their clients out to a drinking and driving conviction - when another, more dedicated attorney could have won the case.

We encourage visitors to our website to take a moment to review Chris' training and experience.  We also encourage you to compare Mr. Cessna's formal background to any other attorney you may interview.  Once you are done comparing, then call us at 303-456-1600.   We look forward to fighting your case.  

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